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Our Services

Dammholz & Co. is a general legal practice providing services in Australian and European Law – and insofar focusing on the law of the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein). The firm also provides all notarial as well as immigration services.

The firm covers all areas of Civil Law with the main areas being Commercial Law, Company Law, Contract and Torts Law, Family (divorce, property settlement and maintenance, children’s matters) and Succession Law (wills, estate administration, inheritance disputes) Accident Law (personal injury, property damage), Property Law and Conveyancing, Industrial Law, Intellectual Property Law and more.


We offer:
• Flexible personal service (including house calls)
• Reasonable fees and cost arrangements

• Communication in English and German

• Notarial services (internationally accepted without scale fee restrictions)
• Immigration services by in-house migration agent
• Associated offices in Germany and close connections with several international law firms


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