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Our Profile

The firm of Dammholz & Co. was founded in Sydney in 1989 by Steve Dammholz who had practised as a lawyer since 1972 in various positions in Germany, South Africa and Australia.

Steve Dammholz (Dr. jur., Dip. Law (SAB), Notary) is still the principal and engaged in the daily operation of the firm and continues to be an active partner of a Munich law firm. Steve Dammholz is also director of the Australian subsidiaries of several major European corporations and as such involved in the day-to-day management of businesses in diverse industries.


The firm’s work is carried out by fully qualified lawyers with admittance to practice and work experience in both Australia and Europe.


Whilst the firm’s head office is in Sydney (New South Wales), branch offices exist in the States of Queensland (at the Sunshine Coast) and Western Australia (Perth). For work impractical to be carried out at its own offices, Dammholz & Co. keeps close contact with associated law firms in all Australian states and in Europe.

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